3 Areas of Buy In to Boost Your Site!

There are many avenues to take to be a global communicator. One easy and awesome tool for all users (teachers, students, staff, community, anyone) is creating sites…. especially if that website is collaborative, responsive, and definitely has a purpose. I see 3 areas that would cause an issue for buy in

  1. My Technology Ability Level (age or experience)
  2. I am Not Artistic
  3. I Cannot Do This On My Own

The objective of this post is to share with you resources that will assist you with using a collaborative and innovative tool of New Google Sites.

My Technology Ability Level

Regardless of you or your students age or ability level, if you can create a Doc, making a New Google Site is very simple. All you have to do is visit Google Drive, press New and you will see Sites. At this point, the interface has been simplified to a point where anyone can point a click, type or insert (images, maps, video, etc). One thing I can promise you is that you will not break your computer and everything is saving (just like a doc). You are not on your own as there are several resources available to guide you

I am Not Artistic

The ability to formally draw or create art and design will not matter. New Google Sites have built-in themes and color schemes, however let’s separate ourselves from this tool. Here are some free resources available to everyone that can help. Also keep in mind, New Google Sites is collaborative!

Design Tools

  • Pixlr Editor: free web based tool that do all the features of Photoshop.
  • Google Drawings: free web based ftool to create graphics for your website (also collaborative).

Free Graphics

  • Material Design: 900 material and system icons in all different sizes for you to use.
  • Noun Project: search for icons for everything and anything.
  • Freepik: more than a million free vectors, images, and icons.

I Cannot Do This On My Own

If you are using any resource that does not have the ability for collaboration, it’s time for a change. Resources for teachers, students, and honestly everyone has to be collaborative, if not we are isolated. If we are isolated we do not have a partner or team to assist, connect, learn, or share. Regardless of what avenue you take, always keep collaboration in mind. If it’s something else or  New Google Sites, you are not alone. Share your resource with your partner, team, or classmate and isolation is eliminated and teamwork begins.