Making Twitter Easy in 2018

The expression drinking from a fire hose of content or knowledge is a perfect explanation of reading content from Twitter. Here are a few tips in making Twitter easy to read for everyone. The following 3 tips are not exactly new but are built in tools that go unnoticed with new Twitter users.

Create Lists:

A great way to categorize the people, organizations, and interests you follow is by creating lists. I use lists to shrink down to viewing information I would like to read instead of my entire Twitter feed. With lists you can

  • Use any category name
  • Set them to be public or private
  • Add a description
  • Add anyone into your list

View Their Lists:

One thing you will notice after creating your lists is that others have had created lists and maybe have added you to their list as a PLN contributor. Next time you visit someone you follow, check out their lists as this is a good way to learn about how others categorize and or people they follow per a category.

Don’t Forget About Social Media Dashboards:

Social media dashboards are ways you can at a glance view your social media and filter down the feed by users, hashtags, or activities. Tweetdeck and HootSuite are a few options to check out.