Conquer Your Forms Collaboratively

Collaboration in G Suite apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms is not only common but is essential in modern practice of how we learn and work together. This post focuses more on how we in education can efficiently and creatively collaborate in a sheet that will in essence assist in creating varying forms such as assessments, surveys, data collection, school tools, etc. Here are my three steps in getting started.

Step 1: Create a Sheet and share it with your team.

Step 2: Create Lists

With your shared sheet , create as many lists as possible within the Google Sheet. The idea is if you collectively create lists to select from such as answer choices and or survey options.

Step 3: Create your Forms

At this point you and your colleagues can start creating forms and or surveys where you can generate easy answer choice lists.

  1. First thing we will need to do is install the Google Forms Add-On Form Ranger .
  2. Next start creating your assessment, form, or survey.
  3. When you get to a question that involves any answer choice from your shared sheet, you will use FormRanger.
  4. Check out the video below on a very short demonstration.