3 Steps to Embed Your Twitter Feed in New Google Sites!

Embedding in Google Sites has evolved within the past few months to allow full websites displays as well as embedding media feeds such as your Twitter. Here are a few steps on getting your Twitter feed embedded on your new Google Site!

Step 1: Accessing your Twitter Settings

  • Within Twitter locate your profile image and select Settings and Privacy
  • On the next screen locate Widgets on the left-side menu

Step 2: Creating the Widget

  • Select the create new button and pick the widget option you would like to create
  • Planning on displaying your feed, you will want to select Profile
  • Note: You can also circumvent the first couple steps and visit Twitter Publish as Twitter will redirect you there
  • Select your profile url on Twitter and paste it on Twitter Publish page
  • Select Embedded Timeline and copy the code

Step 3: Embed into Google Sites

  • Take your copied embed code visit your Google Site
  • Double click anywhere on your page and select Embed
  • You will see By URL and Embed Code, choose Embed Code
  • Paste your code in the box and press Next and then Insert