3 Tips Keeping Browser Organized

Whether personal, professional, staff, student, or family we all live very busy lives. This post shared three simple tips that will increase efficiency, methodology, and organization with your web browser.

1. Bookmark Folders

So many times I have observed browsers full of bookmarks cluttering up across the bookmarks bar and within Other Bookmarks. Take a few minutes and make folders.

  1. Right Click/Secondary Click on the bookmarks bar.
  2. Add Folder and name it.
  3. Drag bookmarks into your folder.

2. Quick Access Common Resources

We continuously visit websites, docs, and other resources on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Make task oriented folders. Instead of searching for agenda documents in your Drive or Calendar, create a browser folder called Agendas. Within this folder bookmark your regular agendas and label accordingly. I cannot tell you how much time this has saved me to update and access agendas I attend or manage.

3. Remove Titles for a Logo

The bookmarks bar real estate can be crucial as you are limited to a select amount of space to add bookmarks and folders. One tip I continue to use is removing the title from the bookmark leaving the icon only. This will save up space on your bar for additional resources.