The VR World of Poly

Poly invites you into a vast database to browse, discover, host, and download 3D objects and scenes. The resource provided by Google is a complete free and is the end result of where you can host 3D content you have created in Tilt Brush (VR), Blocks (VR), or Tours (Tour Builder). Let’s break this down into 2 areas: exploring and hosting.


Whether you are looking for content to implement into VR Spaces you are building in CoSpaces Edu or want to build upon or strengthen student imagination within classroom instruction Poly has a large library of content to review and utilize.


Using CoSpaces Edu is an amazing world of content creating VR environments for educational purposes including but not limited to

  • Creating 360 tours of historic or geographical environments
  • Creating engaging infographics
  • 3D storytelling
  • Math simulations
  • Much More!

View already made tours or preview 3D resources separated within Poly’s categories.

  • View pre-made tours built from Tour Creator taking students on virtual field trips.
  • Share/embed 3D creations with students to engage and make a new connection within the curriculum.


VR Rigs & VR Apps like Title Brush and Blocks

Using VR Rigs like an HTC Vive, you can build and create virtual environments in Tilt Brush or Blocks and upload into Poly with the same privacy concept as you would in Google Drive (public/unlisted). If you have the opportunity to use a VR rig it is an amazing experience in itself and to create and share your creation makes the experience makes an even more meaningful connection to learning.

Creating Tours with Tour Creator

Using Tour Creator, users can easily build immersive 360 tours from your computer and/or Chromebook. It’s easy engaging and free to start implementing personally or professionally.


  • Geographical tours
  • Architectural/Art tours
  • Narratives/Storytelling
  • Expeditions/Exhibitions
  • Literature Interpretations
  • Historical Timelines
  • Current Events
  • Science Exploration
  • 360 Facility Tours
  • 360 Sport Interpretation
  • Travel Guides
  • ……. Can go on for ever with ideas!