Trending: Transitioning to Dark Mode on Your Devices

Over the past few years dark mode has significantly made strides for application and device displays. From assistive tech to cool look to battery saver to display standard… get ready for dark mode as a staple with devices and application displays.

What is the importance of dark mode?

There are varied reasons why dark mode is emerging here is a list of reasons why implementing the display mode will be helpful

  • Improved Readability
  • Less Blue Light
  • Reduce Eye Fatigue
  • Improve Contrast
  • Prolong Battery Life for OLED Displays

What Has Dark Mode?

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Mac OS Mojave
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Maps
  • Android Q (some aspects of Pie)
  • iOS 13 (rumored)
  • Google Keep and Calendar
  • Slack
  • Firefox
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Android Messages
  • Redit
  • Wikipedia
  • Adobe CC
  • So much more!