Android Message from your Computer

For Android/Pixel users, did you know you can text message right from your computer? It’s been around for roughly a year and its called Messages for Web. This allows you to sync your phone to your web browser to allow the ability to send and receive text messages if you use the Android Messages app.

How to Setup?

  • First make sure your phone is on you and visit
  • One time only process if you slide the Remember this Computer on. If you do not you will have to repeat this process every time.
  • Follow the 4 steps listed on the screen.

Connected to Messages, Now What

  • Once you are connected you can visit anytime to send and receive messages on your computer.
  • Remember you have to have your phone turned on and with you.
  • If you are not happy visiting the messages web page, you can install the Message Chrome app and dock it on your computer.