Screencasting: A Differentiator and Time Saver!

Over several years instructional technology continues to grow and change. As a conscious observer/implementer I notice apps that turn obsolete (or become stale) or a reliance on updates to keep users from leaving their ecosystems. Regardless of how IT evolves I continually get excited with either new innovations and resources that can be differentiated game changers. Today’s post focuses on Screencasting (the what, who, and why).

Screencast: a digital recording of device screen output often containing audio narration and dictation.

Screencasting is not new however has so much potential in making anything be engaging, informative, and just darn helpful.

Helpful Tips:

  • Not all of us like to watch long videos, try to keep them short.
  • Don’t worry about editing too much (or at all) as this can take a lot of time away and may discourage you in the future.
  • Keep it simple and do not over think it.
  • If the app feels too cumbersome for you, it most likely will for your students.
  • If you are concerned about content filters (students being blocked from YouTube), upload to Google Drive.
  • All videos can be uploaded/embedded in many apps you use already.
  • Screencasting is not just for teachers, students can benefit as well within their projects, presentations, and lessons.

There are so many screencasting options for anyone to use, take a look at the following resources that can help you out.

Implementations: Screencasting can help in the following ways

  • Strengthen the value of a learning management system by adding audio/video instruction for all students who are in and not in attendance.
  • Model/assist in navigating your audience/students through a step process (websites to visit, where are important links, how to start your assignment).
  • Support a blended/flipped learning model of teaching and learning aiding in best used instructional time with the teacher.
  • Differentiate instruction for students who need additional assistance to rewatch instruction at a pace that benefits their personalized learning.
  • Demonstrate/demo slam a technology or non technology technique/tip to try.
  • Students personalized presentations to strengthen student communication and transfer of knowledge.
  • Directions to share with a larger audience on how to navigate your website and/or important resources.
  • Develop a library of personalized and quality instruction to use.
  • Create sub plans to be distributed through your learning management system.

An LMS is only valuable as to how you enhance the teaching and learning experience within the virtual environment #screencasting

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