Copy, Paste Collaboration for Communication

With many years of experience of news, social media, mass communication, and website posts one thing I’m certain about is a need for an efficient collaboration tool. Think about the amount of time communicating back and forth via email or even on one shared doc? This article is all about how to make life efficient when working with various collaborators for communications and translations.

Set a Copy & Paste Doc for The Year!

Here are simple and powerful tips that will make this a beneficial process

  1. Setup one copy & paste doc for your year of communications
  2. Bookmark it on your browser (make it easy to find)
  3. Think of it as a running agenda, new items are always on the top
  4. Share this with people you continually collaborate with on news items
  5. Share this with your translators and always setup your posts within tables
  6. When you are ready to involve others tag them.
    • Insert a comment, within the comment type + (name of person)
    • This will notify the person via email.