How to Live Stream Instruction with Google Meet

As we continue to distance learning teachers have a variety of resources at their disposal. Even though there are a variety of videoconferencing tools we have to take into consideration guidance and permissions of these resources (especially with student accounts).

If this is not established yet teachers still have several safe resources that will solve video instruction: screencast and post to your LMS, Flipgrid, etc. Today I would like to share how to use Google Meet to Stream to your students. This method allows the teacher to video conference via a streamed url for students to watch only.


  1. Visit your Google Calendar and create an event.
  2. Select more options button
  3. Select your time frame of the event
  4. Click Add Conferencing and select Hangouts Meet
  5. No need to invite anyone
  6. Press the Add Live Stream button
  7. Copy the Live Stream url
  8. Press Save

Share on Learning Management System (LMS)

To ensure that your live stream is secure, post this on your classroom LMS as an announcement and/or assignment (i.e. Google Classroom).

If you would like to make this interactive make sure that what you select (announcement or assignment) has the ability for students to comment.

Example of Classroom Announcement.