Ensure Your Instructional YouTube Videos Are Unblocked

Flexible/asynchronous instructional most likely will involve indirect instruction videos for student viewing. Whether you providing recorded screencasts, read alouds, directions, lectures, notes, etc you most likely are uploading to Google Drive or YouTube to share out to your students.

One catch, are the videos unblocked on your District’s content filter?

  • Video uploaded to Google Drive should always be unblocked for students to view (as long as you set the share permissions to not private).
  • Videos uploaded to YouTube would most likely need to be unblocked from your Tech Dept.

How to Unblock All Your Uploaded YouTube Videos ASAP

If your District uses Go Guardian and you want all your uploaded videos (you create) to be unblocked automatically you can simply share your YouTube Channel url to be unblocked. This will ensure all instructional videos uploaded to your channel will work for students to view without having to put in several tickets to unblock video urls.

  1. Visit YouTube
  2. Select on your Profile image (top right)
  3. Select Your Channel from the drop down menu.
  4. Copy the URL and share that with your Tech Dept to whitelist.