Grouping Tabs in Chrome

Recently Google Chrome implemented a recent update allowing users to create web tabs into color coded named groups. If you are like so many users I know who have a million tabs open, this may be a great short-term organizational tool for you.

How does it work?

Regardless of how man tabs you have open all you need to do is

  • Right click on the tab
  • Select Add to New Group
  • If you already have a Group you can remove or add to an existing group.

Additionally if you want to be super organized you have the ability to provide Tab Group names and color code them. This will allow you to easily find what tab groups you are looking for and/or organize.

Special Note:

Unless there is an update, Tab Groups do not save after you close them out. So far this is a short term organizational tool for users who implement a variety of tabs when browsing and/or working online.