What is Google Meet Quick Access and Why Do I Need to Know About it?

After many months of pandemic (in person, hybrid, remote, etc) learning Google Workspace has made several updates to accommodate remote learning in various ways. It was roughly a year ago from around now, Google started investing in how Meet functions within the education sector by adding dedicated Meet in Classroom.

Flash forward a year later it’s a regular expectation teachers and students are video conferencing within teaching learning practices. Within the several updates one feature- Quick Access is a security feature that should not go unnoticed.

When Quick Access Turned Off

  • The host must join first
  • Only people invited by the host can join without asking
  • Everyone else must ask to join, including people who dial in
  • People can’t join anonymously
  • Only hosts can dial out of a meeting

When Quick Access Turned On

  • Participants from your domain can automatically join the meeting using their computer or mobile device.
  • Participants who dial into the meeting using their phone can automatically join.
  • Any participant can dial out of the meeting.

This is an important Google Meet’s security method to remove unwanted access to the video conference specifically designed in the context of education for learning. Even recently, Google has updated this feature (even if it’s left on) to turn quick access off when the host ends the meeting. This eliminates any audience part of the Google Meet to rejoin.

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