Selecting Your Mass Communication System

In the world of organizational communications it is essential to review communication platforms and the opportunities that exist for your audience. Today’s post focuses on the essentials of current mass communication systems to assist your organization in communication excellence.

Student Information Sync

It is essential to be interoperable when it comes to your foundational data, to do this make sure your student information system does the following with your mass communication service

  • Updates data securely and daily
  • Differentiates data based on staff/parent, school, grade, preferred language, etc.

Administrative Rights

In order to communicate regularly, securely and successfully setup building based communication administrators who will have access to their specific school with understanding of communication protocols (who, what, where, when, why). Based on your mass communication resource selected and licenses, ensure you have a employee structure allowing for a primary and secondary point people.

Communication Methods

Many mass communication systems offer an abundance of methods including but not limited to

  • Email
  • Text
  • Voice Calling
  • Social Media
  • Surveys
  • Newsletters
  • Secured Document Delivery

Even though there is a multitude of options at your disposal, I highly recommend obtaining yearly to every other year data from your audience on what communication methods are preferred. This will ensure you are personalizing your communications to your target audience while being transparent on why you select your communication methodology.

Reporting, Auditing and Data

Data is essential. Every mass communication method should have a reporting and auditing component. I advise anyone who manages mass communication services to review your data to truly understand how well your communications are received.

Noteworthy Reporting Reasons

  • Who is opening/reading your communications
  • Determine if you have any communication errors that need to be adjusted
  • Understanding any family contacts that are obsolete and need to be updated in your student information system
  • Monthly communication metrics to share with your board