2 Step Verification and Why

Cybersecurity is a hot term used across a variety of fields, so much the term is understood with the general public. We can go down the rabbit hole on so many topics such as securing your organization, accounts management, social engineering, etc. The purpose of this post is to focus specifically on 1 simple step… securing your account(s) with 2 step verification.

Note: other terms equaling the same include 2 step verification, 2 factor verification and multi-factor verification. For the purpose of this post I will say 2 step.

If we have insurance on your car and house, why do you not on your account(s)?

A very simple question listed above. We know by adding insurance to your car or house you are proactively insuring if anything happens you are safe. This should be the same thing with your accounts. It is the understanding that if or when something happens with your account (password leak, accidentally was phished) you have a safety net of not be hacked. Unlike insurance, the cost of 2 step is free.

What is 2 Step Verification

An electronic authentication method in which a user is granted access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence

It is very much recommended (depending on availability) to this second layer of protection to meaningful accounts including but not limited to