Creating an Inventory of Stock Images

In the world of communications you can never have enough design related resources at your finger tips. Outside of great designer resources such as Adobe Spark and/or the entire Adobe CC stock content is highly beneficial if you do not have readily available image libraries.


Unsplash is a library of a variety of free (and licensed) images and photos that you can download and use for any project. Better than any royalty free or stock photos.



Iconmonstr is a diverse library of stock vector files that can be updated and or downloaded in the following formats .svg, .eps, .psd and .png.


Build Your Own Library

Probably one of the best methods to put into practice for communications is to create and maintain an authentic photo library. As long as you have photography permissions of the people and/or subject you will have a variety of images to select from when promoting an event, post, or information from your organization.


  • Organized your image library folder with sub folders based on communication needs.
  • Obtain select images from your people within your organization. Eliminate any low quality images.
  • Create a long term stock image folder of sustainable images to use at any time.