Year in Search

Every year Google releases their Year in Search a theatrical rendition revealing the most noteworthy trends searched over the year. Google Trends reveals our questions, the people who inspired us, and the moments that captured the world’s attention each year. 

I always look forward to watching the brief video to reflect on the year, remember the moments and analyze where we are as humans. Today’s post is an unbiased reflection of the year in search. I have no answers to questions however I want to take a moment to reflect on our human reactions, reflections, and search.

Year By Year Commonalities

When viewing each Year in Search video there are 9 commonalities revealed in our search 

  • Celebration: taking time to celebrate a moment(s) that matter.
  • Milestones: significant milestones in humanity that make an impact (positive and/or negative).
  • Happiness: capturing a personal or public moment of sheer happiness
  • Fear: indicating moments and topics that evoke fear and uncertainty. 
  • Togetherness: people standing together in partnership, protesting, community, and/or striving together.
  • Culture: a portrayal of cultural similarities and differences.
  • Loss: honoring those who we have lost.
  • Fun: trendy fun moments/movements that were exciting/interesting to watch or participate in.
  • Emotion: a vast array of emotional moments that relate to us in a variety of ways.

I’m very sure there are a few more commonalities to add to the list however after viewing the past decade this is my list. I love the year in search as it is a resource of remembrance on our history and humanity.

Watch more Year in Search by year here.