Google Expeditions with iPads

Regardless what tablet you own, with release of the Google Expeditions app found on Google Play and the App Store you have the ability to take your Classroom on a virtual reality journey. This video demonstrates how to run a Google Expedition using only iPads.

Great iOS Resource

iMore is a really nice blog for help with you with tips, tricks, and how to’s with any iOS device: iPhones, iPads, and iPods.    

iOS 7.1 Good Calendar Changes

Its been several months and finally my iPhone calendar shows a detail list without having to touch the date by pressing the new expand list button (no clue what the real name is for it).    However, if you touch your date then press that button you can see a list view of all your events.   …

Emailing More Than One Image on iOS Device

Over time I have noticed from a vast amount of users who have iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) that they are unaware on how to email more than one image in 1 email. Here are a few steps on how to do so (this is for iOS 6). Open your Photos app. Touch Camera Roll or another album….

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

Every time I’m on my iPhone or iPad there are certain phrases, usernames, and words that I typically use but am annoyed to type it on the onscreen keyboard. Here is a quick tip on how to add shortcuts so that you only need to type a few letters and your devices will auto-fill it…

Guided Access

When handing off your iPad, iPhone, iPod, to a student or your child I’m sure you would want them to use a particular app for learning or just to have fun at home. Enabling Guided Access is the way to do just that.   How to turn it on: Locate and touch the Settings App….

AirPlay Your iOS Device with an Apple TV

If you are fortunate to have iOS devices in your building (iPads, iPods, iPhones) you might want to find out if there are any Apple TV’s available. Click here to view a resource I made on how to AirPlay your device to display on an LCD projector.  To find out more about what is AirPlay click here. To…