Create Self-Graded Google Form Assessments

For years the only way we were able to create graded assessments was using the add-on Flubaroo. For years I’ve been a huge advocate of that add-on and have taught, presented, and blogged about it. Now I believe Flubaroo has inspired Google with the new update of adding the Quizzes feature in Google Forms. This…

Google Expeditions with iPads

Regardless what tablet you own, with release of the Google Expeditions app found on Google Play and the App Store you have the ability to take your Classroom on a virtual reality journey. This video demonstrates how to run a Google Expedition using only iPads.

First Step for Multi-District Google Classrooms

The first step to break down barriers of a single domain in Google Classroom is to whitelist other school domains in your Admin Console. This short video demonstrates what you can do as an initial step to start a multi-district Google Classroom.

A Brief Introduction to the New Google Sites

Over the past few months, Google Sites has transformed into modern and material designed masterpiece. Not only is it visual appealing, it’s very user friendly for all learners. Over the past couple months I had early access and thoroughly enjoyed using the new platform with some minor exceptions (I’m assuming will be rolling out in…

AR Stretches It’s Wings

Augmented Reality or AR: a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. AR has been around for a few years with applications and hardware such as: Google Glass, Aurasma, Augment, and now Pokemon GO.  I cannot begin to explain what Pokemon exactly is….

Cast for Education

After Google for Education’s announcement this week¬†of several tools to be implemented my mind is just racing with excitement. First off, Google Expeditions app is graduating from beta stage and its availability to the public. Second, Google Forms gets it long awaited grading component making it extremely easy for teachers to provide assessments. What I’m…

Sheets are Made with rowCall

Whether it’s the beginning, middle, or end of the school year data needs to be sorted. This instructional video demonstrates how to use the rowCall add-on in Google Sheets to use a header and distribute data to individual sheets for quick lookup and communication purposes.

Synergyse Training for Google Apps

As of May 2nd, Synergyse¬†has announced they are joining Google Apps for Education according to this recent post. Due to this joining venture, Synergyse Training for Google Apps will be free allowing Google Apps customers to get immediate searchable help within any Google App. In short, this is great news all users of Google Apps…