Why We Choose Chrome

Next time you observe a teacher, student, friend, or anyone select Internet Explorer as their browser, think about what that browser is really offering them
Is it a force of habit?
If it’s a habit thing, take steps to break that habit. Unpin the unwanted browser from your task-bar/dock/desktop. With the icon missing you will find yourself selecting Chrome more often providing you more experience opportunities. 
Is it a comfort level thing?
Referring to the graphic in this post. I totally get being as comfortable as possible when using a significant tool such as a web browser. However, with the simple but vast tools available within Chrome you might find yourself wanting to expand your comfort zone. 
Is it because your unaware?
Most teachers/users I train hadn’t used Chrome and thought using a web browser was supposed to be linear. Demonstrating the multitude of options Chrome has to offer, teachers are easily switching over especially when their schools are moving toward a 1:1 Chromebook environment.