Taking VR to A New Level with Tour Creator

It’s one thing to experience VR, however to create in VR that’s taking your experience to a whole new level. Equitable access to meaningful tools continues to roll out more and more for creating virtual experiences, environments, etc. Over the past year using CoSpaces EDU has been the driving force for VR creation, however recently Google Tour Creator has brought another awesome avenue to all markets (especially within education).

Tour Creator

Using Tour Creator, users can easily build immersive 360 tours from your computer and/or Chromebook.

Implementation Options:

  • Geographical tours
  • Architectural/Art tours
  • Narratives/Storytelling
  • Expeditions/Exhibitions
  • Literature Interpretations
  • Historical Timelines
  • Current Events
  • Science Exploration
  • 360 Facility Tours
  • 360 Sport Interpretation
  • Travel Guides
  • ……. Can go on for ever with ideas!